A long term grown experience in the development of pharmaceutical products, in the market launch of Health care products and in the distribution of high quality brands enables us to help clients accomplishing their sales targets in Turkey.

Pharmacy, medicine and Dentistry have been our family business for more than 40 years . We share our experience in the turkish Health care Market with our Partners.

01 /  Online Pharmacy is Turkey’s eldest online drugstore with pharmaceutical background, operating since 2007 in the Turkish health care market. We are currently regenerating our online-shop and shaping the corporate strategy for exclusive advertising of selected luxury brands & high quality care products in Turkey and nearby countries.
02 / Customer Support
Our CRM tools ensure best results in customer satisfaction. We operate one of Turkey’s most well-known service hotlines 444- 3292 (ECZA ), we provide inbound & outbound services for pharmaceutical products and let clients benefit from our medical network. Extensive After-Sales steps and reliable customer support for health care products have a pivotal role in serving our clients.
03 / Distribution & Sales
We optimize your distribution channels and maximize your sales revenue in the exciting Turkish health care market. A comprehensive market research, deep audience analysis and diversified advertising strategies are key stones for our successful sales assistance in Turkey.
04 / Product Development
For more than 40 years the evolution of health care accompanies the history of our family. Medical know-how with grown experience guarantee professional assistance in the development of your product for the Turkish and international markets. From Market Research to Manufacturing we guide, monitor and implement the Product Development process.
05 / Market EntrY
The process of establishing a medical brand in turkey consumes a large amount of time and corporate budgets. We help international brands to simplify their market entry to Turkey, reduce costs and optimize the timeline for designated sales activities in the Turkish health care market.

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